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Contact us to be one of our Sponsors
Contact us to be one of our Sponsors

Thank you to our current sponsors!

“We could not do it without the support of local businesses and organizations”

Sponsorship Opportunities 2024

Support from our Sponsors helps ensure we are able to continue offering a successful soccer program in our community. We depend on our Sponsors to help reduce the costs associated with each season. Player registration fees cover only a fraction of the cost. The resources required to support our teams are many. Significant resources are needed to rent facilities for teams to train and compete, to deliver educational programs for coaches, officials, volunteers and support staff, to provide expenses for professional staff to administer programs, and to host local and provincial events

When you choose to sponsor teams in our club, you’re helping to keep the cost of playing soccer in London down for so many families. We believe every player should have the opportunity to discover and enjoy all the wonderful things the world of this sport has to offer!

Interested in becoming a Sponsor for the Golden Feet Soccer Club? We always welcome new Sponsors and we offer some great sponsorship options and incentives for your business. In return for your sponsorship, we will proudly support your business by displaying your branding on our website for corporate social media visibility. In addition, you may be interested in additional incentives to promote your business with us. If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsor’s and would like more information, please contact one of our administrators at: cesarm@goldenfeetsoccer.com