How to Register

To register to play soccer with GFSC follow the link emailed to you inviting you to join an assigned team. You will need to create a username and password to create your account, then fill in the set-up and registration pages to complete your registration.  The information you enter into your account will be saved so that as you register for other programs or register other children in your family down the road you will not need to re-enter all information each time.  Please ensure you keep your information up to date as this is our main resource should we need to contact you

Registration Guidelines

  • All new players to GFSC must provide Proof of Date of Birth to complete their registration.  Please email or submit in person a copy of a Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Card or Sworn Affidavit to
  • Players selected to play on a competitive team must register within 24 hours of being selected or that player’s spot will be forfeit and offered to another player.
  • Our online registration system accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard or eTransfer – this is preferred.  If you chose to pay by cheque payment must be received within five (5) days of registration.  If you will be applying to KidSport or Jumpstart, a copy of your application or confirmation is due to the Registrar within one (1) week of registration.  Please email or submit in person documentation to
  • If Registration is full;  We work hard to form teams, as additional coaches become available we may be able to open more spaces in a particular division.  Players will be taken from the wait-list on a first-come first-serve basis. 
  • Girls (U4-U12) may play for either a girls or boys team. If your daughter would like to play on a boys’ team please contact for assistance.

All players must play in their respective age group and the registration system will do this based on the players’ year of birth. Any exceptions  must be approved by the Club’s Director of Player Development and manually changed in the registration system by the Registrar – these exceptions include:

  1. If there are insufficient players of the correct age group to complete a team.  In this instance, younger players will have to play in an older age group, regardless of the number of players in each age group.
  2. If a player has been identified as being significantly advanced in skill and maturity such that playing in a higher age group is necessary to their player development.
  3. If a player has an identified physical or mental disability and is best placed in a different age group – this requires additional approval from the Soccer Association and medical support.